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RBT 2000

Fully DOT road legal for use with vehicles other than ROXOR

MSRP: $4750.99 USD

Upgrade to ROXlined exterior for an additional $999.99 USD MSRP

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Category: Trailer

When you have over 70 years of rugged heritage leading the way, it makes sense that we’d design our trailer to be a chip off the ol’ block. The RBT 2000 trailer is built from actual ROXOR bodies, so you know it’s tough. Not to mention, its compact size gives you greater mobility off-road. And of course, it's available in our 7 standard production exterior colors*: Molten Red (Gloss), Bonfire Orange (Gloss), Signal White (Matte), Shadow Gray (Matte), Jet Black (Gloss), Olive Green (Matte) or Sand (Matte). So, if you need to haul more gear with your ROXOR, this is the perfect trailer.

Trailer Box Dimensions 53 1/2”L x 59”W x 14 1/2H
GVWR** 2990 lbs
Trailer Curb Weight Varies by equipment; Min. 720 lbs
Payload Max. 2200 lbs (varies by optional equipment)
Tire Size Comes standard with Kenda Karrier ST
235/80R16 D (50 psi)
Wheel Size 16” X 7”, available in steel or aluminum
Comes standard with a 16” x 7” black steel wheel,
Fully DOT road legal for use with vehicles other than ROXOR
4 pin flat blade wiring connector
Unique triple action tailgate
3” Dexter axle w/ E-Z Lube* wheel bearings – brake compatible
Aluminum Wheels 182.99
Black Steel Spare Kit 343.99
Aluminum Spare Kit 426.99

NOTICE: Certain States require that Gross Vehicle Weight (“GVW”) of the RBT 2000 shall not exceed 40% of the gross weight of the towing vehicle. If the towing vehicle is the Off-Road Only ROXOR, the GVW of the RBT 2000 shall not exceed 1,200 pounds. Exceeding this GVW requires the Operator to add brakes to the RBT 2000 as required by State Law for the following States: Alabama, Florida, Maryland, Michigan, Pennsylvania, and South Dakota. Also, the states of Kansas, Kentucky, Oregon, Utah and Wyoming have specific braking distance requirements, and it is the Operator’s obligation to know those requirements to ensure safe use of the RBT 2000.

*Gloss finish may require frequent cleaning and is prone to emphasize body imperfections. Matte or Roxlined finish is recommended
**Cannot be sold in Arkansas, Idaho, Mississippi or Nevada due to braking required at our GVW.
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